Prisma Palette: Photoshop Plugin

June 03, 2017

Introducing Prisma Palette. The light based colour picker for photoshop.

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For Photoshop CC 2015.5 +

Preview Video:

I have been working on this plugin for a few months now after I had a brain wave about a crazy new way to design a colour picker.

This is a new product, and it is priced according for it's much more practical usage as a workflow tool that i will hopefully be supporting full time. Colour Constructor served more as a learning tool and a toy, this tool solves the same problems while fitting nicely into a painting workflow, using a few fancy tricks I worked out.

Gone is the concept of saving objects, replaced with the concept of using maths to reverse engineer the local colour from a lit colour, using preset light settings.

I have uploaded a preview video going over the basic functionality, and will be recording a more indepth tutorial in the morning

Currently there is a bug on mac that causes it to run slowly, but i decided it was better to push ahead with the release now and get it in people's hands, so that I am able to keep working on this full time without falling back to finding more freelance illustration work.

I really look forward to seeing what people do with this plugin, as it's only been seen and tried by a small number of people so far, but if i'm right, this could end up being a core part of the workflow for many talented illustrators, as it allows people to reach imaginative colour palettes and experiment in a way that wasn't really possible or easy to do beforehand.

I have a development roadmap posted up on trello which you can follow here.

And I have opened a subreddit as the official communications hub. It would be wonderful to get some conversation about the future of this tool going there, and to see art that people are making.

I'm still going to support colour constructor going forwards with free updates, and will eventually port features of the photoshop plugin back, as i think a full colour construction workspace has merit, and serves as a great learning tool.

Regards -Murry Lancashire