Prisma Palette Beta 4 Release

June 03, 2017

It's finally here!

After a lot of work i have the new release, the main focus here was bringing up the level of polish and functionality of the tool so that it really feels comfortable while painting. With this release i have also laid all the code foundations to build in a 3d mode which is what my focus will be on next.

I'm also going to focus on documenting usage properly in the coming week, but wanted to push out this update before i sunk time into it.

If prisma palette is helpful to your work please tell your friends about it!

Get at Gumroad Get at CubeBrush

Change Notes below ->

  1. Totally redsigned UI, replacing as many buttons as possible with icons.
  2. Help tooltips implemented.
  3. CIE*LAB colour sliders.
  4. Colour scene saving system.
  5. Scene import and export system.
  6. Automatic load recovery system (save data from older versions will successfully import).
  7. explicit light cycle buttons, rather than an incrementor.
  8. Lights now turn on when you click on a light cycle channel and the channel is on.
  9. Light revert button, if you edit a light and don't like the change you can revert it to when you first selected.
  10. scroll bar in light section.
  11. capture colour now is always able to grab colour from the photoshop color selector.
  12. added option to change the height of all horizontal sliders in about menu.
  13. fixed bug were clicking between sliders would cause it to jump to the left.
  14. replaced light switches with buttons.
  15. light controls stick to bottom of screen.
  16. added text input controls to all sliders.
  17. Added check marks to flyout.
  18. added about page with extra options.
  19. clear all lights button.
  20. changed behavior with resizing to stop sliders changing thickness.
  21. fixed pressure bug which prevented the first stroke back in photoshop from having pressure sensitivity.
  22. added resize bar to color picker.
  23. changed selecton style for lights.
  24. double click to change light name.
  25. added modals to prevent accidental deletion of lights.
  26. Link to this page from the plugin.
  27. changed position and sizes of swatches.
  28. added preview swatch to light options.
  29. Changed slider graphics to use color visualisation

-Murry Lancashire