Prisma Palette: FAQ

June 10, 2017

What can this plugin do that Colour Constructor can't?

Prisma Palette is designed to fit in the smallest UI possible and neatly fit into a painting workflow as unobtrusively as possible, and introduces new concepts that haven't ever existed in a painting tool.

Colour Constructor on the other hand is more of visualisation tool to make palettes and see the results before you paint something. I will be hopefully bringing the technology and ideas i've developed in this program back to colour constructor for free in updates.

Does the plugin work on other versions of photoshop than cc 2015.5 and 2017?

Not currently. The plugin is in beta. Supporting multiple versions requires having different code bases and constantly checking multiple builds. CS5/CS6 requires the plugin to be written from scratch in flash as well.

Further support is planned, but will not happen until I am happy with functionality in the most modern versions of photoshop.

This plugin would be great in my painting program, why not port it!?

Most programs don't have plugin systems, and the ones that do all have totally different requirements. It's not a matter of porting code across, it's a matter of completely remaking the plugin.

Will you support other programs from adobe in the future?

Most likely, i'm mostly looking at animate/flash and illustrator as the two programs that can benefit the most from this tech. But again this will not be until we are out of beta with the photoshop version.

Why charge a higher price than Colour Constructor?

Plugins have a smaller market and are difficult to develop as I need to work around what a larger company gives me. This means I need to have copies of the software i'm matching, multiple computers to test on, and multiple versions of software to test against.

But really it's because I feel that this plugin will benefit the artists that use it to a greater extent and so I feel that it will bring more value to the artists that purchase it.

Why no DRM?

Drm is a headache to develop, and I much prefer end users have a nice seamless experience. I rely on the good intentions and support from end users to keep doing this as I am an independent developer who pays his rent and bills with this software.