Colour Construtor 0.1.8 Feature Overview

June 22, 2016

So Colour Constructor 0.1.8 is here, what are some of the fancy new things it has?

  • ACO swatch export
  • Custom masks
  • Local install
  • Exposure
  • Colour wheel
  • Background colour
  • Improved second light
  • Split light and scene presets
  • Dozens of other small improvements

To activate the colour wheel press this button.

To activate the alternate view mode of the cube you can use this little number changer. Note that this build allows for custom preview windows, and they will be accessible through this number. I'll write a separate indepth tutorial on making the masks very soon.

Light saves have now been separated out from scene saves, which can be accessed from this dropdown.

To access the second light source, you use these radio buttons.

And lastly is the expanded swatch window. Use the radio buttons to select the amount of swatches. With the checkboxes you can toggle opening the folder in the exploerer that it is saved to automatically, and choose if you export the aco, or the png or both.

This should be a quick introduction to the new features, and i'll be going to them deeper in coming days.