Bugfixes, and updates.

June 23, 2016

So with the the new build out I have a list of things I need to address which i am going to attempt to do in the coming days, and then send out again.

If you aren't able to access your download from gumroad, have a look for your receipt in your email, and if you absolutley cant find it, send me an email to muzzoid@gmail.com and i will send out a replacement receipt email.

If you are yet to buy Colour Constructor, you can from this link!

If you have ran into a bug or issue that isn't here, please let me know!


  1. a computer generated file in the masks folder can cause it to crash.
  2. Tiny UI on retina screens on OSX.
  3. Bad Performance.
  4. Crash bug from changing names.

I have also made a short post about making masks here which may tide some people over until I make a proper post on it.

I hope you are enjoying the new build!

Regards -Murry